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Owning, or having access to, a swimming pool is one of life’s little pleasantries. Having a swimming pool is fully appreciated in the summer, when the temperature soars and all you can think of is immersing yourself in cool, refreshing water. Additionally, a pool is a great place for you, your family and friends to have some great fun time together. However, like everything else good in life, you have to maintain your swimming pool to enjoy it without problems. Failure to maintain your pool and keep it clean has some nasty consequences;  the water can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs. It will also cost you much more to rehabilitate your swimming pool than investing in pool cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. And using a Gold Coast Pool Cleaning And Maintenance Service like Shaw Thing Pool Services can turn out to be a great investment, both in time and money saved.

Read on for some of the reasons why you should regularly maintain your pool:


1.Your Swimming Pool Can Be a Breeding Ground for Harmful Bacteria and Germs

Resort Swimming Pools

Resort Swimming Pools

It’s true that a swimming pool is a wonderful place to relax, but it is also true that you can pick up nasty infections from the water. When water stagnates in one place for substantial periods of time, harmful bacteria and germs can develop. If you do not clean your pool on a regular basis, then you are at risk of getting sick or developing skin conditions from the germs that breed in dirty water.

Investing in regular pool cleaning and maintenance is an investment in the health of your family, friends, guests and residents.


2.It Can Be Costly To Rehabilitate Your Pool

If you fail to maintain your pool, then it can turn into something that looks more like green pea soup! It becomes utterly unusable and is a health hazard too. It costs a lot of money to clean the water and it is also very time consuming.


3. How Do You Maintain Your Swimming Pool?

As noted earlier, swimming pool maintenance is very important. But the question is, how you do so? There are two ways – the easy way and the hard way!  The easy way is to call Tony Shaw on 0415 752 327; the hard way is to try doing it yourself!!! If you prefer to do it yourself, here are some tips – but keep Tony’s phone number handy as you will probably get tired of it real quick, run out of time to do it, or run into problems that require professional help!!!

a)  Do Regular Water Circulation

Residential Pools

Residential Pools

You need to circulate the water in your swimming pool to create an inlet-outlet scenario. The importance of doing so is to prevent algae growth. As you circulate the water, add water cleaning chemicals like chlorine. At the same time, ensure that the water passes through a filtration system as the filters will capture any minute particles and other contaminants.

b)  Maintain A Balanced Water Chemistry

To avoid a cloudy pool, ensure that its water chemistry is perfectly balanced. In order to achieve this, you need to come up with a weekly maintenance routine. Additionally, doing a shock treatment occasionally solves most water cleaning issues. Keep checking the water pH where the optimal reading should be 7.4. When the reading drops below this, it means your water is starting to be acidic. If it goes high above this reading; it means you are putting too much chlorine into the pool. Swimming pool cleaning chemicals need to be applied in the right amounts, and at the right frequency – another good reason to use Shaw Thing Pool Services Gold Coast.

Instances Where You Need To Clean Your Pool More Frequently Than Usual

At times, you will need to clean your pool more frequently than others. If your pool has more swimmers than usual; when there are very heavy windstorms and rains; when you smell an unusual odour coming from the pool; and when swimmers may have burning or red eyes. These are all indications that something is not right.


Swimming pool maintenance is very important!

It will prevent heavy expenditure that you may incur for rehabilitation of your pool. It will also prevent you and your family members and friends from getting sick due to unhealthy pool water.

Among the best Gold Coast Swimming Pool Cleaning Companies – and most affordable – is Shaw Thing Pool Services.

Pool Care for Resorts, Hotels and Motels on Gold Coast

Pool Care for Resorts, Hotels and Motels on the Gold Coast

If you have cleaned your pool and it still has a problem – it is advisable to seek the services of a professional Gold Coast Pool Cleaning and Maintenance company; ring Tony on 0415 752 327 now!