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Why is my pool green? How can I get it fixed?

Green Pool with AlgaeIn addition to the unsightly discolouration, a Green Pool usually results in excessive chlorine usage, short filter cycles an ugly staining of your pool interior.

Green Pool Algae can be caused by natural issues like hot temperatures or excessive exposure to direct sunlight (one reason many pools have shade covers).  It can also be caused by chemically unbalanced water and/or the presence of nitrates, phosphates and carbon dioxide.  If you have algae present, there may be a lack of proper water circulation, filtration and/or sanitation which may be caused by faulty equipment.

More often than not, a Green Pool involves several of the above, which is why we recommend professional assessment and remediation for a Green Pool clean up.  Call Tony Shaw – The Pool Man – on 0415 752 327 and get the pro’s to work before someone gets sick.  We will look at two separate issues, clearing up the problem and putting in place preventative measures to stop it happening again.

For prevention, maintenance of a proper chemical balance is critical, including removing phosphates from your pool water and the maintenance of an appropriate sanitiser level. The use of a suitable long-life algaecide is necessary but we need to look at your pool set up before recommending which one is most appropriate.


Here is a brief outline of the Green Pool Service steps we will take to remedy your green pool.

Gold Coast Green Pool Cleaning Services

1. Clear up all debris, including leaves, from your pool; then, brushing the wall and base of your pool.

2. Add the appropriate chemicals to achieve a PH balance of between 7.4 and 7.6.

3. Ensure the pump baskets and skimmer are free of any debris.

4. Run the filter on recirculate to ensure the PH stays at the right level.

5. Check the cartridge filter and replace if necessary.

6. After adding algaecide, recirculate it through the pool for a couple of hours.

7. We may need to add additional products to “shock” your pool – we will advise you on this.

8. In stubborn cases where the water is still cloudy after 24 hours, we reassess and repeat whichever of the above steps is necessary and run the filter for a further 48 hours.

9. Vacuum all sediment from your pool floor.

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We’ll keep working on it until your pool sparkles again – contact Tony now on 0415 752 327 and get rid of your unsightly green pool…It’s A Shaw Thing!